rosin 7


Pekerja kreatif, senang berkendara, fotografi, jalan - jalan dan penyayang. Thanks sudah sudi meluangkan waktu membaca disini, tinggalkan komentar supaya berkesan ya brosist, Semoga bermanfaat

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  • MrWildbill20056 / Now you’re descending into making no sense. Possibly due to trying to cram too much into a youtube comment. Your argument entirey hinges on Nolan’s ‘other work.’ I say to you it is truly bizarre to think a director must always give the same ending/type of ending to their movies. Of course there is an ejector? What sort of military hardware do you suppose they are using?!Again your argument is all about what Nolan did in film 162x.≱ You account for nothing other than ‘what Nolan did before.’


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